128*64LCD display Chinese data

- Oct 09, 2019-

128*64 LCD Chinese data 1, Overview 2, 128x64 with Chinese character library is a 4-bit / 8-bit parallel, 2-line or 3-line serial interface mode, the internal contains the national standard level, two-level simplified Chinese character library dot matrix graphic liquid crystal display module, its display resolution is 128 × 64, built-in 8192 16-point Chinese characters, and 128 16 × 8-point ascii character set. By using the flexible interface mode and simple and convenient operation instruction of the module, the graphical interface of human-computer interaction in all Chinese can be formed. The Chinese characters with 8 × 4 lines 16 × 16 dot matrices can be displayed. You can also complete the graphic display. Low voltage and low power consumption is another remarkable feature. Compared with the same type of graphic lattice liquid crystal display module, the liquid crystal display scheme composed of this module is much simpler regardless of the hardware circuit structure or display program, and the price of the module is slightly lower than that of the same lattice graphic liquid crystal module. 3, basic characteristics: (1), low power supply voltage (vdd: 3.0 V-5.5 v) (2), display resolution: 128 × 64 points (3), built-in Chinese character library, provide 8192 16 × 16 dot matrix Chinese characters (simple and traditional) (4), built-in 16 × 8 dot matrix characters (5), 2mhz clock frequency (6), display mode: stn, semi-transparent, positive display (7), driving mode: 1: 32 duty1 / 5 bias (8), Direction of view: 6 points (9), backlight mode: the power consumption of the side highlighted white led, is only 1: 5 ≤ 1 ≤ 10 (10) of the ordinary led, the communication mode: serial, parallel port optional (11), built-in dc-dc conversion circuit, no external negative pressure (12), no chip selection signal, simplified software design (13), working temperature: 0 ℃-55 ℃, Storage temperature:-20 ℃-60 ℃ module interface description: * Note 1: if only serial communication mode is used in practical application, psb can be fixed at a low level, or J8 and "gnd" on the module can be short connected with solder. Note 2: the module is connected with a power-on reset circuit, so the end can be suspended when there is no need for frequent reset. Note 3: if the backlight and the module share a power supply, the ja,jk on the module can be short connected with solder.