Advantages of tft screen products

- Nov 06, 2019-

The TFT liquid crystal display is a thin film transistor type liquid crystal display, that is, a "real color" (tft). tft liquid crystal is provided with a semiconductor switch for each pixel, each pixel can be directly controlled by a dot pulse, so that each node is relatively independent and can be continuously controlled, Not only improves the reaction speed of the display screen, but also can accurately control the display color level, so the color of the tft liquid crystal is more true. 

tft screen

The TFT liquid crystal display screen is characterized by good brightness, high contrast, strong layering feeling and bright color, but also has the defects of high power consumption and high cost. The tft liquid crystal technology has accelerated the development of the mobile phone's color screen. Cstn is generally in the form of a transfer type of illumination, which must be illuminated with an external light source, called a backlight, and the illumination light source is to be mounted behind the lcd. Stn is the main device of the early color screen, which can only display only 256 colors, although the technical transformation can display 4096 colors or even 65536 colors, but the normal stn is still 256 colors, and has the advantages of low price and low energy consumption. 

tft screen

The above is a brief introduction to the ft screen. The quality of the ft screen is very different from that of a common screen, and the quality of the tft screen is very advanced and the materials used are also expensive to import, so the price will be much more expensive than the ordinary screen. The ft screen has a lot of advantages, for example, the screen's energy consumption is very low, and it can reach a very high reaction speed, which is generally used for some brand-end smart phones. But the tft screen is expensive, so most of the phones do not apply to this screen.