Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of common LCD panel types

- Apr 13, 2020-

In recent years, the liquid crystal display industry has developed rapidly, and the liquid crystal panel that occupies an important part of the cost of the display has basically not changed. The new concepts and functions of various monitors are on the same level, and the panel is the most important component of the display. A good display experience requires a good panel support, so the panel is the basis of the display function.


What are the types of LCD panels


At present, the mainstream panel types include IPS, PLS, MVA, TN and other categories, and then each category is subdivided. Although OLED is rising rapidly, it differs greatly from the volume ratio of LCD panels, so this analysis focuses on the type of liquid crystal panel, and will not elaborate on OLED for the time being.


Current Japanese and South Korean LCD panel manufacturers include JDI, Sharp, Samsung, LGD, Taiwanese LCD panel manufacturers include Innolux, AUO, CPT, Hanyu Caijing, and domestic LCD panel manufacturers include BOE, Huaxing Optoelectronics, CLP Panda , Tianma Microelectronics, etc., products are roughly classified into limited categories, namely IPS, PLS, MVA, TN panels, etc.


Comparison of common LCD panel types


Which LCD panel is better


The first is the IPS screen. The IPS technology can lie in the twist direction of the liquid crystal molecules. The liquid crystal molecules of the IPS are always kept parallel to the screen and twisted in the plane. This can significantly improve the color performance of the picture and meet the wide viewing angle requirements. The screen market is very competitive.


IPS can be divided into multiple levels, generally speaking, AH-IPS, E-IPS, usually most IPS displays are E-IPS panels, the core principle of PLS and IPS is not much different, compared to E-IPS in light transmission There has been a clear improvement in the rate. This is also an option where technology transfer does not work and the benefits are poor.


Next, let ’s talk about MVA. The liquid crystal molecules of MVA are generally arranged at an angle, making it have a very fast response speed. The current mainstream market is occupied by IPS and MVA displays. Each type of display performance is better than that of TN panels The display is much better, try to buy IPS, MVA display during the purchase process.