Application and characteristics of industrial liquid crystal display

- Dec 16, 2019-

Industrial liquid crystal display is used for industrial liquid crystal display, there are a variety of display sizes, installation methods and so on. Different from ordinary LCD, it can adapt to extreme environment, stable operation, long service life and so on. 

The liquid crystal display used in the industry is called an industrial liquid crystal display 

Which is light, 

Attractive and practical,

 A common commercial liquid crystal display is difficult to work normally. 

Good visibility is a bright spot of industrial liquid crystal display. 


Displays in industrial applications need to support clear and accurate visual effects from multiple angles in a strong light environment. Most industrial environments are surrounded by strong light, which challenges the visibility of display. The brighter the environment, the more difficult it is to transmit lcd, because people's standard readable brightness is 250~300cd/. 

Some lcd makers are trying to extend the scope to more than 450cd/. But these shows require more energy and this is not the best solution. Moreover, these brightness levels are not enough to work in a very bright environment. 

At present, many domestic manufacturers have highlighted liquid crystal to achieve 1800cd/ above, among which Baoyi technology has a lot of military liquid crystal are above 2000cd/.