Arduino VS Raspberry Pi, who is the best choice for electronic devices?

- Sep 11, 2020-

If you have ever thought about designing an electronic device yourself, you may have heard of the famous names of Arduino and Raspberry Pi. But if you haven't researched or personally operated it, you may think that they are competing products to solve similar problems as I did before.


But in fact, Arduino and Raspberry Pi are two completely different products, used to solve completely different purposes. Arduino is a true pioneer in the field of Microcontrollers, and has started the revolution of "Makers"; as another great device, the Raspberry Pi has truly started the revolution of Microprocessors. It can be said that the tree plum pie as a microprocessor is a small but fully functional computer; and the Arduino as a microcontroller is only a module in the computer to solve a single problem.

In fact, there is no difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Both have their own characteristics and advantages. Arduino is suitable for beginners with low programming ability and hardware products that focus on sensors. Raspberry Pi is more suitable for hardware products that have certain programming experience, and rely on a variety of applications and rich functions. For learners, it is best to study the two development boards systematically. Because the two cover different fields and can be used interactively, the relevant knowledge gained from them is also the basic condition for becoming a good maker. For hardware developers, they need to understand their own product features and capabilities to choose which development board to use, so that their ideas can be quickly and accurately implemented.