Backlight source plays an important role in the total cost of LCD liquid crystal devices

- Dec 17, 2018-

Liquid crystal display regardless of source or passive, in addition to liquid crystal materials, but also the need for substrate glass (conductive glass), color filter, polarizer, backlight, etc., the auxiliary materials used have orientation agent, sealing glue and cushioning materials.

Of course, for TFT-LCD, it is necessary to make a TFT array on a glass substrate, which requires almost the same material as the semiconductor industry. The cost of LED backlight is 32.8% and 25.4% for two different displays (TVs), 32 "and 17.

For larger displays, this ratio is higher. Since entering the 2006, the competitive situation of flat panel display and LED backlight is very different from that of the past.

The era of investment scale and large-scale glass substrates is coming to an end, and the overall ability, including parts and materials strategy and equipment strategy, holds the key to the success or failure of this competition. The cost of raw materials as a percentage of the total cost of the Panel has increased significantly, and for large LCD panels, the cost of components has reached 75%, which is expected to increase to 80% by 2010. 

Obviously, the reduction of component materials is directly related to the reduction of panel costs. As a result, the "Material revolution", which can significantly reduce material costs, has become key, and lower material costs are more important for effective control panel costs and greater impact on products than fixed costs such as reduced equipment costs, as innovations in this material can lead to improvements in production technology, The corresponding device manufacturer will play an important role.