Characteristics of lcm (lcd display module) Modules

- Dec 02, 2019-

Characteristics of lcm (lcd display module) Modules

*Low delay inter-process communication 

*Reuse of udp Multicast to realize efficient Broadcasting Mechanism 

*Automatic type check of messages that are automatically encapsulated 

*Very friendly logging and playback functions. 

*Point-to-point direct communication without centralized "database" or "hub"

*Supported languages include: c, c, java, python, matlab, and c 


The LCM process (liquid molding process of composite material) refers to the liquid molding technology of composite material represented by rtm, rfi and rim. 

The main principle of the invention is that firstly, the reinforced material pre-formed body which is designed according to the performance and the structure requirements is paved in the mould cavity, and the special injection resin is injected into the closed mould cavity or the resin film in the heating and melting mould cavity by the injection device. 


The mold has a peripheral seal and a fastening, and an injection and exhaust system to ensure that the resin flow smoothly and discharges all of the gas in the mold cavity and the thorough wetting of the fibers, and the mold has a heating system that can be heated and cured to form the composite member.

 Lcm (liquid crystal module), i.e. the liquid crystal module.