Characteristics of OLED technology

- Feb 25, 2021-

1. Thin and light: Ultra-thin is the development trend of mobile phones, which is a huge business opportunity for OLED with thin and light characteristics.

2. Fast response speed: The response speed of OLED is more than 1000 times faster than that of LCD, and there is no image trailing phenomenon, which is especially suitable for 3G video technology.

3. Good stability: In the working temperature range, the stability of the photoelectric parameters of OLED is very good. Due to the inherent characteristics of liquid crystals at high and low temperatures, LCDs usually display darker and slower response speeds at low temperatures, and brighter displays at high temperatures. However, within the allowable working range of OLED, the photoelectric parameters such as contrast, response speed and brightness will basically not change.

4. Short life: OLED working life is usually defined as the duration of the device's brightness reduced to 50% of the initial brightness and normal operation. At present, many OLED manufacturers can only guarantee a product life of about 8,000 hours. This is mainly due to the attenuation of organic light-emitting materials, so the development of long-life light-emitting materials is an urgent matter to solve this problem.

5. High power consumption: At present, the power consumption of OLED is several times more than that of LCD of the same size. The development of organic materials with high luminous efficiency and the development of new driving methods are the fundamental solutions to this problem.

6. Image retention: due to the attenuation of brightness, the long-term lit pixels will have image retention.

7. Poor outdoor visibility: Since OLEDs emit light by themselves, their visibility is poor under strong sunlight outdoors. To solve this problem, only the surface brightness and contrast can be improved.