Classification of LED display module

- Mar 20, 2020-

LED display module is one of the main components of the finished LED display. It is mainly composed of LED lights, PCB circuit boards, driver ICs, resistors, capacitors and plastic kits.

Classification of LED display module:

Divided by luminous color

LED display modules are divided by color. 1: Monochrome modules, such as single red, single green, single blue, single yellow, and single white modules. Two: Two-color modules such as red and green, red and blue. 3: Full-color modules are mainly red, green and blue three primary colors placed on an LED module


Divided by used space

The LED display module is divided into indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor according to the space used.


Divided by used lamp beads

According to the use of LED packaging devices, LED display modules are divided into: LED display module, LED display module, indoor LED display module, surface-mounted LED display module.


Divided by pixel pitch

According to the LED pixel pitch, the more commonly used are: p10, p4, p7.62, p5, p8, p12, p16, p20