Classification of led (light-emitting diode) display

- Nov 27, 2019-

(1) According to the use environment, the indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor indoor screen

 Area is generally from less than 1 square meter to more than 10 square meters, the dot density is higher, and the screen body is not provided with the sealing waterproof capability in the non-direct sunlight or light illumination environment, and the viewing distance is outside a few meters.


The area of the outdoor screen is generally from a few square meters to a few tens or even hundreds of square meters, the point density is relatively thin (mostly 1000-4000 points per square meter), the light-emitting brightness is 3000-6000 cd/ m2 (the orientation is different.

The brightness requirements are different), and the outdoor screen area can be used under direct sunlight conditions, and the viewing distance is within a few tens of meters, The screen body has good wind-proof and rain-proof and lightning protection capability. 

The semi-outdoor screen is between the outdoor and the indoor, has higher luminous brightness, can be used in non-direct sunlight, and the screen body has certain sealing, and is generally in the eaves or in the shop window. 


(2) According to color, it can be divided into monochromatic, double primary and triple primary colors (full color). 

Monochromatic refers to the display screen has only one color luminous material, mostly monored, in some special occasions can also use yellow-green (such as funeral parlour). 


The double primary color screen is generally composed of red and yellow-green luminous materials. The trichromatic screen is divided into full color (full color), composed of red, yellow green (wavelength 570nm), blue and true color (nature color), composed of red, pure green (wavelength 525nm) and blue. 

(3) Synchronous and asynchronous as per control or use mode 

Synchronization mode means that the working mode of led display screen is basically equivalent to that of computer monitor. It even reduces the update rate of 30 fields per second to map the computer image on the monitor. It usually has the ability of multi-gray color display, and can achieve the effect of multimedia publicity and advertisement. 


Asynchronous mode means that led screen has the ability to store and play automatically. Text and grayscale pictures edited on pc computer are passed into led screen through serial port or other network interface, and then played automatically by led screen offline. Generally speaking, there is no multi-gray display ability, which is mainly used to display text information and can be connected to multiple screens.