Classification of liquid crystal displays (lcd display)

- Nov 20, 2019-

The liquid crystal monitor according:

To the size is divided into: 3.5 "liquid crystal monitor/ 5.6" liquid crystal monitor/8 "liquid crystal monitor/ 10.4" liquid crystal monitor/12 "liquid crystal monitor/15" liquid crystal monitor/17 "liquid crystal monitor/19" liquid crystal monitor/20 "liquid crystal monitor/22" liquid crystal monitor/24 "liquid crystal monitor/26 LCD/32-inch LCD/37-inch LCD/40-inch LCD/42-inch LCD/42-inch LCD/46-inch LCD/47-inch LCD/52-inch LCD/55-inch LCD/65-inch LCD/70-inch LCD/82-inch LCD/82-inch LCD monitor/84-inch LCD monitor Unit/84-inch LCD monitor,110-inch LCD monitor. 


According to color:

Black and white monitor CRT monitor according to scanning mode: interlaced, line by line scanning, etc., while liquid crystal monitor is not distinguished by scanning mode. 


Divided by use :

Security monitor, monitoring monitor, radio and television monitor, industrial monitor, computer monitor, industrial and mining monitor, 4k ultra-high definition monitor, etc.