Cleaning and maintenance of liquid Crystal display screen

- Dec 05, 2019-

The maintenance of color display is divided into two parts: outside and inside the machine. Cleaning outside the machine is mainly to wipe the surface of the display screen, cleaning inside the machine needs to open the display shell. 

External cleaning :

The anti-glare and anti-static coating on the surface of the outer-cleaning color display screen is coated with a very thin chemical coating, and when the dust on the screen of the display is normally cleared, it is important to keep in mind that the power supply of the display is turned off, and the display power line and the signal cable line are removed, Use a soft, dry cloth to carefully wipe away from the center of the screen, and the wiping method shall be gently wiped out from the inner ring of the screen, and if the surface of the screen is dirty, it is possible to wipe the absorbent cotton or the lens paper with a small amount of water, and must not be wiped with a chemical solution such as alcohol. In addition to the display screen, it is also common to use the brush to frequently erase the dust and dirt on the display housing, and try not to wipe with the wet cloth with water. 


Internal cleaning :

Internal cleaning and cleaning of its internal dust, must ask professionals to operate, do not privately open the display back cover, if the display before the power outage time is not long, there will be residual high voltage in the front graphite layer and high voltage cap of the picture tube, then the energy provided by this high voltage is enough to injure people, please use thick adhesive wire to short connect the display circuit board edge metal plate and the inside of the high voltage cap, release the residual charge, so as not to have serious consequences. 


When dedusting the interior of the display, please disconnect the power supply of the display first, unscrew the four corners of the display with a cross screwdriver, and remove the rear cover of the display backward. First use paint brush to clean the display, dust removal key parts are picture tube, high voltage package and picture tube tail circuit board. In addition, the picture tube is a glass device, careful damage, the visual circuit board of the display is inserted on the rear tube seat of the picture tube, some video circuit board plugs are bonded to the rear tube seat of the picture tube, and forced pull may damage the picture tube. Please pay attention to the operation.