Common Types of Digital LCD module

- Mar 13, 2020-

This is a segment LCD display device and a dedicated integrated circuit assembled into a functional unit, can only display Numbers and some identification symbols.Segment LCD devices are mostly used in portable and pocket devices.Because the equipment is small in size, as far as possible not to show part of the design into separate parts, even though some applications require a separate display components, so should also make it, besides has the display function should also have some information receiving, processing, storage, transfer, and other functions, because they have some general and specific function and welcome by the market.Common digital display LCD modules have the following.

(1). Counting module

This is a seven - segment LCD display device with different digits and decoder driver, or with a counter assembled into a counter display unit.It has the function of recording, processing and displaying Numbers.At present our country

Digital LCD module

Can see on the market the main products are driven by CD4055 decoding drive unit display module, liquid crystal display device and by ICM72ll ICM7231, ICM7232, CDl4543, UPDl45001, HD44100 such as integrated circuit and corresponding liquid crystal display device assembly into four, six, eight and 10, 12, 16 counting module. When choosing this type of counting module must pay attention to the following:

Figure out what it does: although they're called "counting modules," most of them don't count directly.Their input port is BCD interface form only, have a plenty of BCD plus input interface form gate end, still have a plenty of directly connects with the serial, parallel port interface forms, etc., such as the need to compute or record a string of Numbers, you must configure the relevant circuit, of course, there are the counting circuit with product in module.

Identification of structure: there are different installation methods and installation structures for LCD devices.Solid this, when choosing to pay attention to its structural characteristics, generally speaking, this kind of counting module by zebra conductive rubber strip, plastic (or metal) pressure frame and PCB board will be assembled together with the LCD display device and integrated circuit.Its outer lead end has the solder joint type, the plug type, the circuit board pin type several.

Note the power supply: a device should try to use a unified power supply, common LCD device count module has single power supply and double power supply, 5V and 9V and other different specifications.

(2) measurement module

This is A multi - segment LCD display device and has decoding, driving, counting, A/D conversion function of the integrated circuit assembled module.Because of the A/D conversion function in the integrated circuit used, the input analog signals can be converted into digital signals for display.We know that any physical quantity, even chemical quantity (such as ph, etc.) can be converted into analog power, so as long as equipped with a certain sensor, this module can achieve any value of the size and display, it is very convenient to use.ICL7106, ICL7116, ICL7126, ICL7136, ICL7135 and ICL7129 are the main types of integrated circuits used in the metering module. The functions and characteristics of these integrated circuits determine the functions and characteristics of the metering module.As a metrological product, metrological appraisal must be carried out according to the regulations.With the approval of the measurement department, a measurement certificate shall be affixed to the product.

(3) timing module

Timing module will be the LCD device used for the longest history of timing, a LCD device and a timing integrated circuit together is a fully functional timer.Because it does not have the shell of a finished clock, it is called a timing module.Timing module USES is very wide, but gm, standard of timing module is difficult to buy in the market, only to the electronic clock manufacturer or order the appropriate table core of choose and buy, timing and counting module although similar appearance, but they display in a different way, is by two timing module Numbers indicate a set of two a set of Numbers. And each number counting module are arranged in a row.Because many timing modules also have timing, control functions, so this type of module can be widely assembled to a few power, equipment, such as radio, CD, microwave oven, rice cooker and other electrical appliances.