Comparison of COB full color and traditional SMD full color

- Apr 06, 2020-

Folding process and raw material cost

SMD full color: the raw material cost of this product is more expensive and the production process is more complex, the input and cost is higher.

COB full color :COB eliminated the concept of bracket, no plating, no reflow soldering, no patch, 1/3 process reduction.In the process of solidification, welding line and SMD efficiency is similar, but in the dispensing, separation, light splitting and packaging, COB packaging efficiency is much higher.The labor and manufacturing expenses of traditional SMD packaging account for about 15% of the material cost, while COB only accounts for 10%. Compared with SMD, the cost of construction is at least 5%.

Folding optical electricity

COB full color has good consistency in color, large viewing Angle, uniform spot, high brightness and good mixing effect. These are the features and advantages that SMD full color and dot matrix full color cannot surpass.

With large Angle of view and high brightness, COB adopts heat sink technology to ensure that LED has the leading thermal lumen maintenance rate (95%) in the industry.Below is a comparison of the appearance and angular shape of the dispensing and SMD

COB full color appearance drawing SMD full color appearance drawing

COB has better visual consistency.List can be seen from the exterior dispensing board there are hundreds of markers are the same in the same horizontal plane, namely on the PCB so markers are on the same basis points, so as to reflect light more evenly, however, SMD is labeled on the PCB board, there must be a high is low, thereby spot uneven, so that the visual effects to difference in use of the COB encapsulation.

COB has better light quality.As can be seen from the following figure:

The traditional packaging form of SMD in the right picture is to mount a number of discrete devices on PCB to form LED application.This method has problems of spot light, glare and ghosting, which is obvious from the figure.COB is an integrated package and a surface light source, which not only has the advantages of 1 large Angle of view, but also can reduce the loss of light refraction.

The COB view is larger.It can be seen from the following light form diagram that the perspective of oleda COB in full color is much larger than that of SMD in full color, which is about 110 degrees. However, the perspective of COB in full color can reach 140-170 degrees without decreasing the brightness, and the vertical Angle also has a wide perspective of 140-170 degrees. These characteristics are particularly advantageous in some applications.The following is a comparison of the two photographs:

COB Angle light graph SMD Angle light graph

From the actual luminous effect diagram, it is shown as follows:

SMD luminous effect drawing

From the above comparison, the visual effect of COB full color is better than SMD full color no matter from the perspective size or from the luminous effect picture.