Composition and technical parameters of liquid crystal module

- Nov 06, 2019-

The simple point of the LCD module is the LCD screen + LED backlight + PCB board + iron frame.

Folding contrast

The control IC, filter and directional film and other accessories selected in the manufacture of liquid crystal panel are related to the contrast of the panel. For the general user, the contrast can reach 350 ≤ 1 is enough, but the contrast leveling in the professional field can not meet the needs of the user. Compared with CRT display, it is easy to achieve 500 x 1 or higher contrast. Only high-grade liquid crystal displays can reach such a level, because the contrast is difficult to be accurately measured by the instrument, so you still have to look at it yourself. 

Tip: contrast is very important, can be said to select a more important indicator of liquid crystal than bright spot, when you understand that your customers buy liquid crystal is used for entertainment to watch DVDs, you can emphasize that contrast is more important than no bad point, when we watch streaming media, the general film source brightness is not big, but to see the light and dark contrast of character scenes, hair gray to black texture changes, it is necessary to rely on the level of contrast to appear. Youpai's VG and VX have always emphasized the contrast index. VG910S is the contrast of 1000 × 1. When we compared this with one of Samsung's double-headed graphics cards, the Samsung LCD was obviously comparable, and you can try it if you are interested. The 256 grayscale test in the test software can see more small gray cells clearly in the flat view, that is, the contrast is good!

liquid crystal module

Folding brightness

Folded liquid crystal is a kind of substance between solid and liquid. It can not emit light in itself. It needs additional light source. Therefore, the number of lamp is related to the brightness of liquid crystal display. The earliest liquid crystal display has only two upper and lower lamp tubes, so far, the lowest universal type is also four lights, the high-end is six lights. The design of four lamp tubes is divided into three forms: one is that each side has a lamp tube, but the disadvantage is that there will be dark shadow in the middle, the solution is to arrange the four tubes horizontally from top to bottom, and the last one is the arrangement form of "U" type, in fact, the two lamp tubes are produced in disguise. The six lamp design actually uses three lamp tubes, the manufacturer bends the three lamp tubes into the "U" shape, and then places them in parallel, in order to achieve the effect of the six lamp tubes. Tip: brightness is also a more important indicator, the brighter the liquid crystal to see from a very far away, stand out from a row of liquid crystal walls, we often see in the CRT highlight technology (excellent called bright, Philips called bright, bright base called sharp color) is by increasing the current of the shade tube, bombarding phosphors, resulting in a brighter effect, such a technology, generally at the expense of the quality of the picture, and the life of the display in exchange for this technology, the bright light, the bright light. 

liquid crystal module

All products that use this technology are bright by default, always press a button to implement, press 3X to play the game; Press one to turn into 5X bright look at the disc, he carefully look at the paste, to see the text has to be honest back to the ordinary text mode, such a design is to let everyone not commonly highlight. LCD display brightness principle is different from CRT, they are realized by the brightness of the backlight lamp behind the panel. So the lamp should be designed more, the luminous will be uniform. The early sale of liquid crystal and others said that liquid crystal is three is a very powerful thing, but at that time Qimei CRV, came up with a six-lamp technology, in fact, the three tubes were bent into "U" shape, into the so-called six; such a six-lamp design, coupled with the lamp luminous itself is very strong, the panel saw very bright, such a representative work in the VA712 as the representative; But all the highlighted panels will have a fatal injury, the screen will leak, the term is rarely mentioned, I personally think it is very important, leakage refers to the all-black screen, the liquid crystal is not black, but gray hair. So a good liquid crystal should not blindly emphasize brightness, but more emphasis on contrast. Excellent VP and VG series are products that do not talk about brightness and contrast!