Considerations for the use of lcd screen

- Oct 14, 2019-

When the module uses the access power supply and disconnects the power supply, it must be carried out in chronological order. That is, the signal level must be input in the positive power supply (5 ±0.25 v). If the signal level is input before or after the power supply is connected stably, the integrated circuit in the module will be damaged and the module will be damaged. 

lcd screen

Lattice module is a high number of liquid crystal display devices, display contrast, angle of view and temperature, driving voltage has a great relationship. Therefore, vee should be adjusted to the best contrast, angle of view until. If the vee is adjusted too high, it will not only affect the display, but also affect the life of the display device.

 When the lower limit of the specified working temperature range is used, the display response is very slow. When the upper limit of the working temperature range is set, the whole display surface will turn black, which is not damaged. If the temperature range is restored, the whole display surface will be restored to normal.

lcd screen

Press the display part hard, there will be abnormal display, as long as the power supply is cut off, re-access can be restored. 5. When the surface of liquid crystal display device or module is foggy, do not turn on electricity, because at this time the electrode chemical reaction will occur, resulting in broken line. 6. When used in sunlight and strong light for a long time, residual images will be produced.