CRT Display

- Feb 27, 2020-

CRT display, known as "cathode ray tube", is a kind of display using cathode ray tube. It consists of five parts: electron gun, deflection coils, shadow mask, high pressure graphite electrode, phosphor coating and glass shell. It is one of the most widely used displays. CRT flat panel display has the advantages of large viewing angle, no bad points, high color reduction, uniform chroma, adjustable multi-resolution mode, extremely short response time, etc. LCD display is difficult to exceed, and the price is cheaper.

1. It can be divided into analog regulation, digital regulation and OSD regulation according to different regulation modes

Analog adjustment is to set a row of adjustment buttons outside the display to manually adjust the brightness, contrast and other technical parameters. Because there are many simulators, the probability of failure is great, and the adjustable content is very few, so it has disappeared.

Digital adjustment is to add a special microprocessor into the display, which can operate more accurately and memorize the display mode. Moreover, it mostly uses micro touch buttons, with long service life and low failure rate.

OSD regulation is strictly a kind of numerical control mode, which can directly reflect the regulation on the screen in a quantitative way.

2. According to different types of kinescope, it can be divided into spherical kinescope, cylindrical kinescope and flat kinescope

The defect of the spherical tube is very obvious. It is bent in the horizontal and vertical directions, and the distortion of the edge angle is serious. With the change of the viewing angle, the image will tilt, and it is easy to cause the reflection of the light, reduce the contrast, and stimulate the human eye greatly.

The cylindrical picture tube adopts the grid shadow mask plate, which has no bending in the vertical direction and slight radian in the horizontal direction. The common cylinder tubes can be divided into three bundles of single gun and three bundles of three gun.

Flat picture tube is the development direction of CRT color display. Flat picture tube has realized true plane in both horizontal and vertical directions. Distortion and reflection have been reduced to the lowest limit, so that the focus range of viewing is increased.