Customized LCD screen opening process and charges

- Aug 06, 2019-

What is the mold opening process for OEM ODM LCD screens?

1. Customized LCD screen opening process

l Data verification: size, display graphics, logic table, display mode, drive parameters (Vo, Duty, Bias), connection method, temperature conditions, etc.Tight LCD supply(It takes time to re-open the mold. Our stock is a relatively tight LCD supply on the market, you can choose directly.)

l Drawing: outline design

l Drawing confirmation: drawing modification

l Mold making: layout design, lithography film production (electrode x2, frame, silver dot, PI, test PCB), screen printing net, letterpress, test stand

l Sample: sample production

l LCD sample confirmation: re-sample after re-sampling or modifying the mold

2. LCD screen opening period: Generally 1 to 3 days, the complexity of the view paper and the integrity of the original data; the sampling time (including mold making) is generally about 1-2 weeks after the drawing is confirmed. Sample production involves many links, including mold design, mold making, material selection, process selection, trial production, sample testing, etc., so the probability of a success is about 90%, if unsuccessful, the cycle may be significantly extended.

3. Number of samples: 5 ~ 10pcs (special circumstances are also agreed upon)

4. Customized LCD screen modification: Before the drawing is formally confirmed, any modifications can be made to the drawing. We will modify the drawing in the first time, no limit, no modification fee, of course, this may affect the cycle. .

5. Modifying the contents of the LCD screen generally includes: for example, modifying Vo to modify the polarized mode

Custom LCD screens for other instructions: The purchaser requested to modify (size, display pattern, logic table, viewing direction, etc.), which requires a certain fee for re-manufacturing the mold.