Display color and grayscale adjustment

- Mar 28, 2020-


1. CONTRAST: Always maximum. Can make the most of the dynamic range of the display.


2. BRIGHTNESS: Set the bottom to full black (RGB = 0,0,0), put a square in the middle (RGB = 20,20,20), adjust the brightness, just see the square.


Gray scale test

Gray scale refers to the brightness level relationship between the darkest black and the brightest white of the display. The performance of light and dark contrast and black and white color transitions, the clearer the image, the better the natural transition. In terms of gray scales, the performance of 32 gray scales and 256 gray scales is mainly used for testing.


In the 32-level grayscale real shot test, almost all of them can distinguish the difference in color depth between different levels, and the visibility is excellent.


In the 256-level grayscale test, the color reproduction ability has a more obvious contrast. There are only a few grayscales in the upper left corner that cannot be clearly distinguished, the range of excessive color gradients is wide, and the black and white contrast is very satisfactory.