Early development of LCD Display

- Dec 31, 2018-

All along, the pursuit of more perfect visual enjoyment is the goal of our desktop display equipment, review shows the history of technology development, we are not difficult to find that it is around the same theme-"The pursuit of better human visual comfort"! As a new product that has only suddenly sprung up in recent years, Shanghai Wolf Shadow liquid crystal display has completely replaced the bulky CRT display as the mainstream display equipment. However, the development of liquid crystal display is not as smooth as we thought.

Below, we work with new and old users to review the LCD development of the arduous twists and turns of the road. Early development of LCD (1986~2001)-Excessive cost inhibits the way of its development in the early stage of immature technology, LCD is mainly used in electronic watches, calculators and other fields.

What we usually call the LCD, its English is all known as Liquid Crystal display, translated into Chinese is a liquid crystal display, referred to as liquid crystal display. Liquid crystal is an almost completely transparent substance. Its molecular arrangement determines the path of light penetrating the liquid crystal.

By the 1960s, it was discovered that charging liquid crystals would change its molecular arrangement, which in turn caused the distortion or refraction of light, which led to the idea of inventing liquid crystal display devices. The world's first LCD device appeared in the early 1970s and is known as the TN-LCD (twisted to column) LCD monitor. Although it is a monochrome display, it is still extended to electronic watches, calculators and other fields.