five factors that affect the clarity of the oled's transparent screen

- Oct 24, 2019-

Oled transparent screen, which can be seen everywhere around us, plays an important role in advertising marketing, product promotion, popular science lectures and so on. In practical use, there may be a decrease in clarity. 

Today we will give everyone Amway, the five factors that affect the clarity of led transparent screen, suggest collection. 1.The clarity of led transparent screen is mainly affected by four factors. Whether the film source requires full HD; 2. Whether the display screen supports full HD; the point spacing of 3.led transparent screen; 4.led transparent screen combined with video processor, 5. 5%. Improve the gray level of led full-color display screen, we specifically talk about each factor. 

oled's transparent screen

  1. Whether the film source is high definition or not, if the film source is not high definition, then the effect of playback is not high definition, we first rule out whether the film source is high definition, and then rule out the remaining factors. Of course, the video, the picture is the same, in principle, the higher the clarity, the clearer the playback effect.

    oled's transparent screen

  2.  Whether the display screen supports full high definition, led display screen is divided into many, there are ordinary, high definition, there is ultra high definition, ordinary definition is not high, if the screen body is ordinary, there is no way to adjust, can only replace high definition modules. The point spacing of led transparent screen and the point spacing of led transparent screen will affect the clarity. In principle, the smaller the point spacing is, the higher the clarity is. However, the price will be a little higher. Therefore, in the choice of led transparent screen, we have to choose the appropriate point spacing module according to our own needs and budget, before we choose, we should understand that point spacing affects clarity.

  3. Combining led transparent screen with video processor, led video processor can use advanced algorithm to modify the signal of poor image quality, perform a series of processing, such as de-interlacing, edge sharpening, motion compensation and so on, to enhance the details of the image and improve the picture quality. The image scaling algorithm of video processor is used to ensure that the clarity and gray level of the image are maintained to a large extent after the video image is zoomed. In addition, the transparent display screen also needs the video processor to have the rich image adjustment option and the adjustment effect, carries on the processing to the image brightness, the contrast, the grayscale, in order to ensure the screen output soft and clear picture.

  4.  Improve the gray level of led transparent screen, gray level refers to the brightness series that can be distinguished from dark to bright in the brightness of single primary color of oled transparent screen. The higher the gray level of led transparent screen, the richer the color, the clearer the color will be; on the contrary, the display color is single and the change is simple. With the improvement of gray level, the color depth can be greatly improved, and the geometric number of image color display level can be increased. Led gray level control level is 14 bits ≤ 16 bits, which makes the image level resolution details and display effect of high-end display products reach the advanced level. With the development of hardware technology, led grayscale level will continue to develop to higher control accuracy.