Flexible display application area

- Mar 27, 2020-

Used in portable electronic devices, pens and touch input devices. "The ability to integrate flexible touch features into E Ink Vizplex displays will drive a range of new applications for non-fragile displays," said Dr. Michael McCreary, deputy general manager of research and advanced development at E Ink.


Flexible touch screen technology can stimulate some applications that enable the military and other end users to use thin, light-readable, ultra-low-power displays that can be read in the sun as input, store or transmit instant data from remote locations. This proves how the Flexible Display Center works with our partners and other technology vendors to develop innovative solutions to meet the growing flexible display market.


Applied to military combat technology, for example, the U.S. military uses flexible displays on the battlefield, and the United States General Display Corporation is also using flexible active matrix OLED technology for the U.S. military. Watch videos and graphic information. The display uses a TFT panel developed by South Korean LG. A prototype of the device will soon be delivered to the US Army for field evaluation.


UDC will cooperate with L-3 communication display and LG Display to develop a complete set of solutions for video and wireless communication. This panel will be used to display information such as maps, weapon status, and remaining fuel. Under normal circumstances, high technology is first applied in the military field, and will gradually be transformed into commercial and civilian.