Four-wire resistance touch screen knowledge

- Oct 10, 2019-

Four-wire resistance touch screen is an ideal touch solution which requires input flexibility and personalized application: using integrated molding line technology and touch screen special substrate to ensure the accuracy, stability, reliability and sensitivity of touch screen. Four-wire resistance touch screen, completely sealed, completely waterproof, dustproof, anti-pollution, in line with ip65 sealing standard. It has low cost, low power consumption and can provide minimum size technical characteristics. Four-wire resistance touch screen, can use pen, finger, glove hand, credit card and other touch media, can resist fluid, food and all kinds of impurities, has a very strong adaptability to all kinds of pollution, has good stability and reliability, has the characteristics of easy assembly and low cost, is portable mobile equipment, personal assistant, industrial control, medical equipment and so on. The user has a clear application system for the most ideal input device. 


The technical parameter screen structure: ito film is fitted with ito glass, and the cable is isolated with dot point in the middle: molding connector with panel: distance is 2.54mm socket,

standard amp87499-9 four-wire resistance touch 

screen medium: finger, glove hand, pen, Credit card and other

 screen thickness: 1mm-5mm 

screen size: 2 inch-21 inch 

resolution: 4096x4096 

response time: less than 8 milliseconds (finger input) 

touch strength: 15-40gr using hardness of 600 diameter 16mm silicone conversion 

speed: less than 20ms position accuracy: standard deviation less than 2 mm m

 touch density: touch resolution 4096x4096 

touch point screen error: small At 1.5% supply voltage: dc 5V 

screen resistance: 200w-50 ω (between x1-x2); 200 ω ~ 500 ω (between y1-y2)

 insulation resistance: more than 20 m ω in dc25v 

electrostatic protection: can withstand 20 times of (per iec 801 ≤ 2 ≤ 150pf and 150ω) 

light transmittance: 75 ≤ 85% (wavelength is 550nm) 

working temperature:-20 ℃-70 ℃ 

storage temperature:-25 ℃-80 ℃ 

anti-destructive: 3-12mm 

special process fully toughened optical glass as the base material, the light transmittance is 75 ≤ 85% (wavelength is 550nm), 

the storage temperature is-20 ℃-70 ℃, 

the anti-destructive resistance is-25 ℃-80 ℃, 

the optical glass is completely toughened by 3-12mm special process, 

and the light transmittance is 75 × 85% (wavelength is 550nm). 

Use 1 pound at 130cm height to free it to the center of the glass without damage.

 Sealing characteristics: the high sealing material will filter device, frame body and windproof glass close together to prevent liquid leakage; 

Working temperature:-20c-70c 

storage temperature:-40c-85c working humidity: 90%rh storage humidity at 40 ℃ (no condensation): 90%rh sealing at 40 ℃ (no condensation): nema4 and ip65 standard high temperature storage: 80 ℃ test 240 hours low temperature storage;-25 ℃ test 240 hours durability; Morse hardness 3 h (according to atsm d3363 standard) Life: single touch more than 1 million (polyester stylus) single touch more than 5 million (rubber stylus) safety certification: fcc. Ce,tuv,ul