FPC production process

- Apr 29, 2020-

Folding prenatal pretreatment

To make a good quality FPC board, there must be a complete and reasonable production process. From pre-production to final shipment, every procedure must be strictly executed. In the production process, in order to prevent too many short circuits and cause low yield or reduce drilling, rolling, cutting and other process problems caused by FPC board scrapping, replenishing problems, and assess how to choose materials to achieve customer use The best effect flexible circuit board. Prenatal pretreatment is particularly important.

There are three aspects that need to be dealt with in prenatal pretreatment. These three aspects are all done by engineers. The first is the FPC board engineering evaluation, mainly to evaluate whether the customer's FPC board can be produced, and whether the company's production capacity can meet the customer's board making requirements and unit costs; if the engineering evaluation is passed, then the material needs to be prepared immediately to meet each production link The supply of raw materials, and finally, the engineer processes the customer ’s CAD structural drawings, gerber line information and other engineering documents to suit the production environment and production specifications of the production equipment, and then delegates the production drawings and MI (engineering process card) and other materials to The production department and various departments such as document control and procurement enter the regular production process.

Folding 1 double panel process

Opening → Drilling → PTH → Electroplating → Pretreatment → Dry Film Paste → Alignment → Exposure → Development → Graphic Plating → Stripping → Pretreatment → Paste Dry Film → Alignment Exposure → Development → Etching → Stripping → Surface Treatment → Paste the cover film → Pressing → Curing → Immersion Nickel → Printing characters → Shearing → Electrical testing → Die cutting → Final inspection → Packaging → Ship

Folding 2 single panel process

Cutting → Drilling → Pasting dry film → Alignment → Exposure → Development → Etching → Stripping → Surface treatment → Pasting cover film → Pressing → Curing → Surface treatment → Immersion nickel gold → Printing characters → Shearing → Electrical measurement → Punching Cut → Final Inspection → Packaging → Shipping