From LCD And OLED, Look At Equipment Industry Growth And Opportunities

- Jul 03, 2019-

To smart phones as a representative of the consumer electronics industry, a high frequency of updates brings boom boom cycle industry chain, this article is from the perspective of this micro-changes LCD OLED to explore 3C automation equipment industry growth opportunities.

Change from a Terminal: from LCD and OLED, OLED applications have also been rising in end markets, manufacturers also accelerated layout, as well as investment
The demands of the end user for display and is thinner, lighter, better display changed. Is the display panel from the process of innovation, on the one hand technology: LCD until an innovation in OLED, another aspect is the material: from a-SI to LTPS innovations. In this changing trend, panel makers are potential, increased inves tments in LTPS and AMOLED arrangement, gradually became the new OLED display technology, penetration rate is expected to gradually improve.

Brought about by the change in route: boxes, array, assemble the three major process changes, production line of both new and retrofit
Display panel manufacturing process can be broadly divided into: array of processes in the previous paragraph (Array), into a box in the Middle process (Cell) and module assembly process (Module), OLED and LCD on the process there are two main differences: base plate, backlight Assembly and fitting of the CF. Module assembling this link, OLED and LCD processes above is mainly the difference between these three points: OLED it reduces a CF substrate; OLED backlight module Assembly aspects have been omitted; the touch screen and display module Assembly step, laminating equipment used by different primarily is on fitting plastic changes. OLED module and LCD monitor production line equipment versatility is larger, easier to upgrade.

The dividend changes to device transfer, 3C automation equipment of domestic enterprises are expected to wind up
OLED investments to speed up, because there will be increased demand for equipment purchases. Former business drive and Centre equipment is already dominated by Japanese and Korean companies and module equipment business is an area of domestic equipment is expected to make a breakthrough, key equipment including binding, laminating, and testing and so on. OLED tide of investment to speed up the process, 3C automation company is very interested in the qualitative breakthrough.

Enlightenment of overseas enterprises: the mainstream trend, core plus
From Panel has been to module of industry chain, in Qian paragraph business drive of steam plating and package link among, almost are was Han day of equipment by monopoly, Hou paragraph of module posted loaded, and detection equipment localization is sought breakthrough, from overseas enterprise of development course Shang view, localization breakthrough is in future domestic enterprise made growth of heavy in the of heavy, focused Yu core of technology breakthrough, and continued development, and close trend is keep Foundation Evergreen of maximum secret.