Function and feature of led display screen.

- Nov 27, 2019-

Led panel: light emitting diode (led) is the abbreviation of light emitting diode (led). It is a kind of way to control the display mode of the semiconductor light-emitting diode, which is probably made up of a number of light-emitting diodes, which are usually red, and the light is turned on to display the characters. A display screen for displaying various information such as text, graphics, image, animation, quotation, video, video signal, and the like. Shenzhen is the origin of research and development of led (light-emitting diode) display screen. 

The blue light intelligent display screen uses the same asic, as the avago hcms-29xx intelligent display screen yellow light, orange light, red light and green light products, and the package size and pin arrangement are the same as the hcms-29xx series. It uses the 5x7 point matrix of serial interface. These high performance point matrix displays are driven by cmos chips embedded on the circuit board, each of which can be directly connected to microprocessors or microcontrollers, eliminating the need for additional interface devices. 


The serial interface can bring more display words through the minimum number of connection lines, and the 5x7 pixel display format, which is generally easy to read, can also display Roman letters, katakana and other symbols or characters defined by the user. 


These Blu-ray displays can be stacked vertically or horizontally in design, which is very suitable for multi-character display applications. Blu-ray intelligent display screen has the characteristics of close to other avago intelligent display screen products, mainly because Blu-ray led has high quality color performance, while others are some subtle differences in parameters. 


Like other intelligent displays, Blu-ray intelligent displays also use two separate power systems, one of which is used to supply the logic circuit of the display screen, and the other can provide led power supply for the display. The two power supply systems can keep the pure power supply of the logic circuit, and the voltage of the led and the logic circuit can be controlled independently. The led voltage can be changed between the 0v~5.5v without affecting the point matrix register or the control register.