How TFT LCD Display Module Works

- Feb 18, 2019-

TFT is how to work TFT is  "Thin Film Transistor" abbreviation, generally refers to the thin film liquid crystal display, but in fact refers to the thin film transistor (matrix)-can  "active " on the screen of the individual pixels control, which is known as the active matrix TFT The origin of (active matrix TFT).

So how on earth did the image come into being? The basic principle is simple: the display is made up of many pixels that emit any color of light, as long as the control of each pixel to display the corresponding color can achieve the goal. Backlight technology is generally used in TFT LCD, in order to accurately control the color and brightness of each pixel, it is necessary to install a similar shutter switch after each pixel, when  "Blinds " Open the light can pass, and  "Blinds " When the light will not be able to pass through. Of course, technically, it's not as simple as it just said.