How to choose and install the LCD screen

- May 15, 2020-

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, LCD screens have been widely used in the market, and it is necessary to master certain LCD screen knowledge. So, how should we choose the LCD screen? After choosing the LCD screen, how should we install it?

"How to buy LCD screen"

Parameters that need to be focused on when purchasing LCD screens


1. The resolution of the LCD screen

Resolution is one of the important parameters to measure the display effect of the display screen. The characteristics of the LCD screen, such as the clarity of the display screen and whether the screen is delicate, are determined by its resolution. The resolutions of LCD screens currently on the market are relatively high, common ones are: 1920 * 1080 and 1366 * 768, if the resolution is too low, do not choose.


Second, the contrast of the LCD screen

The vividness of the color displayed on the display screen and the effect of the displayed color are determined by its contrast. At present, the common contrast ratio of tv LCD screens on the market is 3000: 1, and the best one is 4500: 1. If the contrast of the LCD screen is not high, the colors displayed on the screen will not be bright and rich enough.


Third, the brightness of the LCD screen

The brightness of the picture displayed on the LCD screen is determined by the brightness of the LCD splicing unit. If the brightness is not high enough, it will cause the picture displayed on the screen not to be seen in the strong light environment. This can be selected according to your needs. If you need to use it in a strong light environment, you can choose a high brightness, and in an indoor environment, you can choose a brightness of 700cd / LCD screen.


Fourth, the input signal type of the LCD screen

If the LCD screen only supports the input and output functions of a single signal type, the use in many places will be restricted, and it is more convenient to support the input and output of multiple signal formats, so this must be seen clearly.


Knowing how to choose an LCD screen, what should you pay attention to after installation?


We have to pay attention to the installation of engineering project products. If we do not pay attention to it, we will encounter a lot of troubles during the implementation of the project, especially for LCD splicing screens. The LCD splicing screen is not like the ordinary display device, just simply connect the cable.


1. Installation location: Party A must first determine the exact location of the seamless LCD splicing screen installation. Then choose suggestions for the splicing screen of Party A according to the scene.


2. Take a field photo of the installation site of the LCD splicing screen, and indicate the width, height, and whether the anti-static floor will be installed on the ground. If the floor is laid, the height of the electrostatic floor should be calculated.

3. Power supply: there should be a power socket at the location where the LCD splicing screen is installed. In order to prepare for LCD splicing screen, different power is given according to the LCD splicing screen. The power cable should be thicker copper core wire.


4. Maintenance channel: If the LCD splicing screen is installed on the floor, a maintenance channel must be left between the LCD splicing screen and the back wall, which is convenient for screen heat dissipation and installation, debugging and maintenance of technicians in the future. The depth of the maintenance channel is recommended to be between 600 mm and 800 mm, which can accommodate the staff to work in the channel.


5. Wiring situation: I hope that all the video cables extend into the maintenance channel behind the LCD splicing screen. At that time, the video matrix is placed behind the large screen. The video cable must be connected to the video matrix. Party A should determine the location of the large-screen control computer. After determining the location and the number of computers, each computer must distribute a VGA cable to the rear maintenance channel of the large screen. Between the control computer and the large screen, a total of two network cables must also be distributed into the maintenance channel for communication control.


6. Heat dissipation problem: The LCD splicing screen has an independent cooling fan behind each processor. At the same time, it is also hoped that at least one air conditioner is installed in the room where the LCD splicing screen is installed. The temperature is mainly adjusted when the temperature is too high.


7. Installation and fixing: The base under the LCD splicing screen is standing on the ground by two steel pipes. At the same time, the blasting screws are installed to fix the ground, and behind the screen there are also steel pipes and walls fixed with blasting screws. After fixing, the whole screen is very strong.


8. Simple decoration: Because the width of the entire wall is generally greater than the overall width of the LCD splicing screen, after the screen is installed, if the overall effect is better, then Party A will need to be renovated at that time. At the same time, the maintenance door must be set aside for future maintenance and repair.