How to maintain the color display

- Aug 05, 2020-

It is not advisable to switch the color display power frequently

Color displays are all switching power supplies, which will produce a large impulse voltage and current when switching, which will have a greater impact on the life of the picture tube. Some people always think that the color display consumes too much power, and turn it off when not in use to save power. They do not know that large-screen color displays have applied good energy-saving technology, which can save up to 95% of power consumption in the power-saving state, so turn off The method of color display power to save electricity is really not worth the gain.

Color display position should not be moved frequently

After the color display is put into normal use, its position, especially its direction, should not be changed frequently. Because the earth's magnetic field has a great influence on the color display, although the color display has an automatic degaussing circuit, if the direction and position of the display are changed frequently, it will also have a greater impact on the picture tube. In severe cases, it will cause problems such as poor purity.

The color display must be protected from magnetism. The magnetic field formed by some magnetic objects close to the color display is inversely more harmful than the earth's magnetic field. Displays affected by bad magnetism may have obvious color spots, uneven brightness, and geometric distortion of graphics. Therefore, large-screen color displays must be kept away from magnetic objects, such as telephones, speakers, radios, permanent magnets, etc.

1. Working status should not be changed frequently

Once the working status of the color display is set, don't change it frequently. First, it affects the normal working state of the internal circuit of the color display, and secondly, it is also a great loss to the color display.

2. Not suitable for use in high temperature and humid environment

The color display generates very high temperature during use. If it is allowed to work in a high temperature environment, it will accelerate its aging process. Moreover, there are many precision metal electronic components inside the display, and a little deviation will affect its working state, so it is not suitable for use in a humid environment. If the operating environment is relatively humid, you should turn it on for a certain period of time every day, whether it is used or not, to get rid of moisture.

3. Do not open the back cover of the monitor by yourself

There are some precision circuits inside the color monitor, and the high voltage package of the picture tube carries a lethal high voltage. At the same time, opening the back cover of the monitor by oneself may also cause unnecessary trouble in the future warranty (generally sellers do not allow users to open the back cover of the monitor by themselves). Therefore, if you are not an expert, please do not open the back cover of the monitor yourself.

4. Protect the surface of the display

The surface of the color display often has an anti-glare, high-definition coating, which is a very thin chemical coating, which is easily wiped off. Therefore, be careful when cleaning the surface of the screen. Do not use rough cloth, paper or the like, and do not use a wet cloth to wipe it hard. If there is dust on the surface of the screen that needs to be cleaned, use absorbent cotton or lens paper to wipe radially from the inner circle of the screen to the outside.

5. Keep relevant information and articles

After purchasing the color display, be sure to keep its manuals, invoices, warranty cards and packing boxes in a safe place. Once quality problems occur or repairs are needed, these things are essential