Introduction of Price parameters of mainstream lcd liquid Crystal display screen

- Oct 28, 2019-

The parameters that determine the performance of the computer are basically integrated in the host, such as the most concerned cpu, video card, memory, hard disk, and so on. While focusing on these parameters, people often ignore the computer's display and feel free to buy one. In fact, different display screens and display effects have a great difference. 

Now, the computer display screen is basically the lcd liquid crystal material, but even if it is the lcd liquid crystal material, the products from different manufacturers also have a great difference. The best reflection of this is the price. Let's get a look at the price parameters of a few main lcd screens on the market. 

lcd display

Aic: I2369v

This  is a low-price market, as a 23-inch screen with the same ips material as the apple's cell phone display, with a 1920x1080-resolution display with a market price of about 900 yuan. According to the use feedback of the net friend, this display is a good value for the product, the display effect is fine, the narrow frame design is adopted, and the foreign country is very fashionable. 

 Samsung :S27d590c

 This  is a curved screen with an mva material with a size of 27 inches and a maximum resolution of 1920x1080. Samsung, as a leading enterprise in the international display screen, has a high level of attainments in the field of display. The screen currently sells at $2799, with a wider visual angle than the traditional 27-inch display, while supporting the hdmi input. 

lcd display

HKC Q320:

This is indispensable if it is a user who is often playing a game on a computer or watching a high-definition video film. The hkc's display has a 32-inch large size, with amva's panel with a stunning 2560x1440 resolution, which basically supports all of the high-definition video on the market. The display can be said to be both fashionable and practical, with a market price of about 2500 yuan. 

Samsung S34e790C:

If thirty-two inches still can't meet your needs, you must be a professional computer player looking at high-end displays. So this product from Samsung will definitely meet your requirements. Samsung s34e790c has a size of 34 inches, with the mva panel, and is a surface screen design. A super high resolution of 3440 x 1440 is achieved at a resolution and is an ultra-wide screen of 21:9. 

The display is priced at $7599 and is priced so high that it's natural. The monitor has eye-protection, can filter blue light, and is not a splash screen, it's the best choice for professionals. The market of lcd (lcd) liquid crystal display screen is very large, the products of the major manufacturers are not good, the price is different. 

But there is always one suitable for itself, and it is best to see the display effect of the display screen in the field when the lcd screen is selected, and then it can be purchased online.