Lcd display assembly process

- Oct 11, 2019-

And cutting the purchased large glass substrate into an lcd glass substrate with a corresponding size and cleaning the glass substrate. For the product of the panel for the odf process for the odf process, a poor panel substrate was screened after the cleaning was completed and the cell test was performed. the glass substrate is combined and the liquid crystal is filled, the two glass substrates are fixed at a fixed interval, the frame glue and the conductive adhesive are sealed on the edge of the two pieces of glass and leave one or two notches, the liquid crystal panel is placed in the vacuum chamber, air of the liquid crystal panel is pumped out through the reserved gap.

The liquid crystal is then filled with atmospheric pressure (liquid crystal is a compound between solid and liquid), and the filling opening is closed by using the uv glue, and the liquid crystal filling process is completed. And the angle of the two polarizers is parallel to the angle of the pi alignment film of the color filter and the tft, and the polarizer is made to be finished. The imaging of the liquid crystal display requires the use of polarized light. And the front and the back of the liquid crystal panel are respectively provided with a piece of polarized light to be stuck on the liquid crystal glass to form a liquid crystal sheet with a total thickness of about 1 mm. If any one of the polarizers is missing, the LCD panel is not able to display the image. The drive ic (drive ic is an important driving part for controlling the liquid crystal color and the gray-scale brightness switch) on the outside of the liquid crystal panel, The ic chip in the process of releasing acf (anisotropic conductive adhesive), the discharge chip, the alignment check, the chip crimping, the sealing glue, the detection and the like is pressed and stuck between the ic chip and the ic chip, and the ic is pre-pressed and then pressed in the binding ic process. Use the acf to press the end points together as required, and then seal with the sealing adhesive. 

At this time, a liquid crystal panel equipped with a chip has formed a complete lcd module. The fpc flexible circuit board is connected with the lcd module through the acf bonding, and the fpc flexible circuit board is connected with the lcd module to realize the connection of the external driving circuit. The manufacturing process mainly comprises the steps of acf pre-sticking, pre-bonding, primary bonding, detection and the like. A mounting device for manufacturing a printed circuit board (smt) is used for sticking a mounting element such as a chip, a resistor and a capacitor on a corresponding pad position of a pcb (printed circuit board) with a solder paste, and then carrying out reflow soldering high-temperature welding to complete a manufacturing process of the electronic component to be fixed on the pcb. And the finished printed circuit board is connected with the fpc flexible circuit board or the lcd liquid crystal module to realize the connection of the external driving circuit. And finally, the glue is coated and solidified, and the assembly process of the lcd liquid crystal module is finished.