LCD Display The overall trend prediction of the industry will have a great impact

- Sep 30, 2019-

  1. The overall trend prediction of the industry will have a great impact on the global panel industry with the continuous production of the high-generation line in our country, and the panel industry will be reshuffled. In particular, that transfer of high-generation line capacity to medium and small size will have a great impact on the whole industry. The small and medium-sized panels have made higher demands on the enterprise because of the large number of customers and the difference in the product. The domestic terminal and the panel enterprises have also strengthened mutual cooperation, and the domestic and foreign enterprises will have a greater impact, and the speed of the global phase-out of the backward production capacity will be further accelerated. 2. The development trend of the product forecast (1) The growth of the LCD TV market is slowing down from the product production line, and the current domestic new production line is mainly concentrated in the tft-lcd product, and the investment is the high-generation production line, and the old production line will be gradually eliminated. At the same time, the small and medium-sized panel market is in good performance, many manufacturers have started to force small and medium-sized products, and actively explore the market such as smart phones and tablet computers. In general, the sales of liquid crystal TV has gradually slowed, and the small and medium-sized liquid crystal display products applied to the fields such as smart phones and tablet computers have a good prospect. (2) The power consumption of the ultra-low power consumption driving technology is always a problem that the various manufacturers need to face, The power consumption of the LCD directly affects the standby time of the terminal equipment. In addition to the liquid crystal panel opening rate, the tft material, and the like, the liquid crystal panel factory can further reduce the power consumption of the liquid crystal screen by optimizing the driving circuit. (3) The higher refresh rate is due to the natural "a stubborn disease" of the liquid crystal display technology, and the liquid crystal molecules need a certain time in the event of a deflection, which is referred to as a "Response time" during the time, so that when the dynamic picture is displayed, the situation of the blur and the unclear is not clear. In particular, in the field of flat screen televisions, the definition of the dynamic picture is the most important problem for consumers, and therefore, in the case that the response time cannot be improved, the major manufacturers reduce the power consumption by optimizing the driving circuit part of the liquid crystal panel.