LCD Panel Main Materials

- Jan 16, 2019-

Substrate Glass is one of the important raw materials that make up the LCD panel.

The key structure of the LCD panel is similar to the sandwich, two layers of "bread" (TFT substrate and colorful filter) clip "Jam" (liquid crystal), so the manufacture of a TFT-LCD panel needs to use two pieces of glass, parting as the bottom glass substrate and colorful filter substrate application. Substrate glass in the original data cost of TFT-LCD accounted for about 20%, the impact on the function of the panel products is very large, panel products resolution, transmittance, thickness, weight, visual viewpoint and other goals are closely related to the selection of substrate glass quality, as an important substrate data,

The meaning of substrate glass to TFT-LCD industry is equivalent to that of silicon wafer in semiconductor industry. The substrate glass is divided into two types, alkali-containing and alkali-free. Alkali glass is mainly used in TN/STN type LCD panel, but about TFT-LCD, because the glass alkali metal ions will affect the stability of thin film transistor grating pressure, so the manufacture of substrates need to use alkali-free formula, can not contain sodium oxide and potassium oxide and other components; but sodium oxide and potassium oxide can drop the melting temperature of glass,

Therefore, the manufacturing of alkali-free glass needs higher furnace temperature, which is one of the reasons why the production technology of alkali-free glass is more difficult than that of alkali glass. Substrate Glass as one of the original data of liquid crystal panel, occupies the top of the liquid crystal industrial chain.

Upstream raw data is some of the most root chemical raw materials such as quartz powder, alumina and so on, downstream is mainly panel factory and colorful filter suppliers, do not supply them to manufacture TFT arrays and colorful filters, and then in the box to fill the liquid crystal, assembly, made into the Open Cell panel. Substrate Glass as a film to show the pillar of industry, not only widely used in TN/STN, TFT and other liquid crystal panel structure, but also OLED will not be less substrate data, substrate glass importance by the appearance of changes in the mechanism of the impact of limited, with no substitution, the future industrial position is stable.