LCD Panel Type

- Mar 16, 2020-

The LCD panel can determine the brightness, contrast, color, viewing angle and other very important parameters of the LCD display to a large extent. The development rate of LCD panels is very fast. From three generations in previous years, it quickly developed to four and five generations, and then skipped six generations to seven generations, and an updated eighth generation panel is also in the planning. Manufacturers of LCD panels are mainly Samsung, LG-Philips, AUO, etc. Due to the differences in technical level, the LCD panels produced are roughly divided into different types of models. Common are TN panels, VA panels such as MVA and PVA, IPS panels, and CPA panels  Auo-Industrial-15-Inch-TFT-LCD-Screen-G150xg01-V4-with-Original-Projective-Capacitive-Touch-Panel-Integrated