LCD TV soft screen is good or hard screen is good?

- Oct 31, 2019-

1:The hard and soft screen is not good or bad

The hard screen and the soft screen are different in the manufacturing process, but there is no absolute good or bad in the performance. The hard screen must be better than the soft screen. The contrast of the light leakage of the hard screen is poor, and the color distortion is seen on the soft screen side. However, both the hard screen and the soft screen manufacturers have been gradually improved from the defects. 


2:Advantages and disadvantages: 

The advantages of hard screen: the advantages are high visual angle, high speed and accurate color reduction. Compared with other types of screens, the screen of the ips screen is more "hard", and the water pattern is not easily deformed by hand, so that the screen of the ips screen is also known as a hard screen. 

A)Advantages of soft screen: good color performance, strong sense of hierarchy, heat dissipation in place. 

B)Hard screen disadvantages: poor heat dissipation effect, easy to reflect light, color depth of field performance is not in place. 

C)Soft screen disadvantage: touch will be distorted, high-speed motion picture is unsatisfactory.