LCM's Drive interface

- Feb 06, 2019-

LCM provides users with a standard LCD display drive interface (there are 4-bit, 8-bit, VGA and other different types), the user according to the interface requirements to operate to control the correct display of the LCD. LCM comparison Glass is a more integrated LCD products, for small size LCD display, LCM can be more easily connected with a variety of microcontrollers (such as single-chip microcomputer); However, for large or colored LCD displays, it generally takes up a significant portion of the control system's resources or does not achieve control at all, such as 320 x240 256 color LCM, displayed in 20 games/sec (that is, 1 seconds full-screen refresh display 20 times), the amount of data transmitted in a second is as high as: 320x240x8x20=

11.71875Mb or 1.465MB, if the standard MCS-51 series single-chip processing, assuming the repeated use of MOVX instructions for continuous transmission of this data, considering the address calculation time, at least the need to connect 421.875MHz clock to complete the transmission of data, it can be seen that the amount of processing data is huge. The resolution of the fax is also the scan density, the higher the resolution represents the higher the accuracy of the scan, it can be divided into vertical resolution and horizontal resolution. Vertical resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed per millimeter on a vertical horizontal line, and the horizontal resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed per millimeter on a parallel horizontal line. According to the international standards of the three types of fax machines, the horizontal resolution is 8 pixels/mm, so the resolution of the fax machine is generally expressed as 8 pixels/mmx vertical pixels/mm, we generally save the horizontal resolution, only the vertical resolution to represent the resolution. Vertical resolution mainly has the standard 3.85 megapixel/mm, fine 7.7 pixels/mm, ultra-fine 15.4 pixels/mm three kinds.