Light Guide Plate making process

- Jan 27, 2019-

Cut the acrylic plate into the desired size.

Can be used woodworking sawing machine to modify into a cutter or in the purchase of plate when the supplier cut good to buy, the edge of the light tube to polish, the supplier will help you to throw a good light. Out of the printing dot film.

The regularity of the dot directly affects the uniformity of the whole plane light of the guide plate, and the place where the film is made will be done quickly with the computer according to the requirements you provide, of course, if you know the computer, it is best to draw your own dot. Do the print screen version.

Take Filin to a wire mesh department to do a screen version, do not forget to match a handprint scraper, and then consult the printing process. Printing outlets.

Rip off the protective paper on one side of the acrylic plate and wipe the surface residue brush clean and then print with alcohol.