Liquid crystal module (LCM) is a common term

- Apr 11, 2020-

LCM(LCD Module), namely LCD display Module and LCD Module, refers to the components that assemble together LCD display devices, connectors, control and drive circuits, PCB boards, backlight sources, structural components, etc.Although the sizes of LCM liquid crystal modules can be different, the production process of each size is the same, which can be mainly divided into cutting and cracking, liquid crystal filling, SMT, POL, COG, FOG, BLU, LCM module assembly and other steps.Here is a brief introduction to some commonly used terminology for liquid crystal modules (LCM).

Liquid crystal module (LCM) is a common term

LC (Liquid Crystal) - Liquid Crystal

Liquid Crystal Display - Liquid Crystal Display

LCM(LCD Module)- liquid crystal display Module

ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film), the Anisotropic Conductive Film

LSI(Large Scale Integration)-- Large Scale integrated circuits

TN(Twisted Nematic)- Twisted Nematic type

STN(Super twisted Nematic)-- Super twisted Nematic

FSTN(Film Super Twist Nematic)- lightening Film Super Twist column

CSTN(Color Super Twisted Nematic)- Color Super Twisted Nematic

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) - a small Thin Film Transistor

SMT(Surface Mounted Technology)-- Surface mount Technology

COB(Chip On Board)-- IC is attached to the Board

COG(Chip On Glass)--IC is tied to the Glass

COF(Chip On Flex)--IC is attached to a flexible circuit board

FOG(Flex on Glass)- a flexible substrate attached to the Glass

TAB(Tape Automatic Bonding)- Tape Automatic Bonding

FPC(Flex Printed Circuit)-- flexible Circuit board

TCP(Tape Carry Packet)-- Tape package

HSC(Heat Seal Connector)- hot pressed paper (zebra paper)

FFC(Flexible Flat Cable)-- Flexible Flat Cable

Printed Circuit Board Printed Circuit Board Printed Circuit Board Printed Circuit Board Printed Circuit Board

EL(Electronic Light)-- electroluminescence

CCFL (Cool Cathode) - cold Cathode lamp

LED(light emitting diode)- light emitting diode

VLCD (LCD voltage) - LCD voltage

AA(Active Area)-- display Area

VA(View Area)-- visual Area

An Organic Light Emitting diode Display

Zebra-- conductive rubber strip (Zebra strip)

Bezel - iron box

Segment - column

Common line -

The View Angel - perspective

Contrast, Contrast

Background - the Background

Character - the Character

Graphic, Graphic

Operator Temperature-- operating Temperature

Storage Temperature-- Storage Temperature

Cross Talk-- Cross interference (ghost)

Polarizer, polaroid

The Front Polarizer, a former

After the Back Polarizer -

Backlight, Backlight

The Front light - light before

Dot Size-- Dot Size

Dot Pitch-- Dot Pitch

Negative-- Negative (display)

I'm Positive.

Transimisive - all through

Transflective - a semipermeable

Reflective - total reflection

End Seal-- an End Seal