Main advantages for IPS screen (In-Plane Switching) technology

- Mar 05, 2020-

IPS screen (In-Plane Switching) technology 

Main advantages


Clear dynamic folding


IPS screen technology is currently the world's most advanced liquid crystal technology. Compared with traditional LCD screens, the hard-screen LCDs of IPS screen technology respond faster and present smoother motion pictures. It has the following advantages:


1. Dynamic image, no afterimage


2. Dynamic picture, uniform response speed


3. Dynamic picture, no color shift


In order to detect the dynamic sharpness of the hard screen, it can be seen in the gray scale comparison of "dynamic image response time" that is authoritatively tested. At 60 Hz, the dynamic response speed of IPS screen LCDs is faster than that of ordinary screen LCDs. IPS screen LCDs TV shows a balanced "dynamic response time" in all gray levels. When the speed reaches 120Hz, the dynamic response speed of the hard screen is still faster than that of the soft screen. In other words, when playing fast pictures, the IPS screen can still perform well in dynamic picture effects.


Wide viewing angle


Traditional soft-screen LCD TVs have color drift when viewed from the side, resulting in blurred images. Because the IPS hard screen has a unique molecular level conversion structure, it can reach a viewing angle of 178 degrees up, down, left, and right. "Dead corner". At the same time, there is no color drift phenomenon like a soft screen, and a clear picture can be seen from the side.


Folding rugged screen


There are no afterimages or water marks on the touch, and the physical structure of the IPS hard screen is stable. No unavoidable afterimages or flicker on the ordinary screen will appear when touching. The molecular arrangement of the IPS hard screen is horizontal, so the molecular structure sinks slightly downwards when touched, but the overall molecule is still horizontal, and the ordinary screen with the molecules arranged vertically has a serious molecular depression when touched, and the structure is unstable. After touching the screen , IPS hard screen has about 10 times faster recovery speed than normal screen soft screen.


Folding professional colors


IPS hard screens are comparable to the color-grading capabilities of color experts and can truly present images. They are widely used in professional fields such as television stations and are highly sought after by professionals.


Folding universal screen


With the development of liquid crystal products, various liquid crystal products currently appearing on the market, such as televisions, monitors, and mobile phones, adopt IPS hard screen panels, and the color effects presented can reach a consistent field.


Folding size advantage


Due to the difference in panel cutting process between IPS and VA screens, in general, IPS screens are 42-inch and 47-inch in the mainstream size specifications, while VA screens are cut with 40-inch and 46-inch specifications and 42-inch IPS screens. The diagonal length is 106.68cm, and the diagonal length of the 40-inch VA screen is 101.6cm. The 42-inch IPS screen is 12% larger than the 40-inch VA screen. Approximately the size of a 5-inch mobile phone screen.