Manufacturing method of simple projection device composed of lcd (light-emitting diode) small-scale display

- Oct 15, 2019-

Background of the inventiona so-called backlight is a light source located behind a liquid crystal display (lcd) whose light-emitting effect will directly affect the visual effect of the liquid crystal display module. The liquid crystal itself does not emit light, and it shows that the graph or character is the result of its modulation of the light. 

With the development of the liquid crystal display technology, the application field of the liquid crystal display, especially the color liquid crystal display, is widening. The performance of the backlight source can directly affect the quality of the lcd display, the cost of the backlight source accounts for 30-50% of the lcd module, the consumed power is more than 75% of the module, and the backlight source can be used as a rather important zero component in the lcd module. The high-precision and large-size lcd must be matched with the high-performance backlight technology. 

Therefore, when the lcd industry is trying to develop new application fields, the high-performance of the backlight technology (such as high brightness, low cost, low power consumption, thinness, etc.) also acts as the behind-the-scenes role. 

liquid crystal display structure

The backlight source is a light source which provides an lcd panel, which mainly comprises a light-emitting diode (led) light source, a light guide plate, an optical film, a plastic frame and the like. The backlight source has the characteristics of high brightness, long service life, uniform light emission and the like. 

Currently, there are three types of backlight sources of el, ccfl and led. 

In which, the light-emitting diode (led) backlight is widely applied, and has two structures: a backlight module side-light type and a backlight module direct-down type. 

The invention relates to a backlight module side-light type, which is a single-branch light source on a side edge, a light guide plate is used for extracting and forming a non-printing type design, a backlight module with small size and small size is commonly used in the light guide plate, the light source design of the side edge of the backlight module is light, thin, narrow and low in power consumption, The invention also provides a light source of a mobile phone, a tablet computer and a notebook computer, and a large-size television backlight module adopts a side-light type structure. 

The backlight module is in the form of a backlight module with a super-large size, and the side-light type structure has no advantage in the weight, the consumption power and the brightness, so that the direct-down type structure without the light guide plate and the light source is placed under the backlight module is developed. 

The light source is emitted by a spontaneous light source (for example, a lamp tube, a light-emitting diode, etc.) and then is reflected by a reflection plate, is uniformly dispersed by a diffusion plate and then is emitted on the front surface, The power consumption has the advantages of high brightness, good light-emitting viewing angle, high light utilization efficiency, simple structure, and the like.