OLED organic screen

- Apr 04, 2020-

OLED organic screen is a new generation of TV panel launched by LG Display. Unlike (RGB) OLED screen, OLED organic screen USES red, green, blue and white (WRGB) color vertical arrangement to form a pixel.With accurate color reduction, high production efficiency, high yield, unit area can put more pixels, no need to use metal mask, conducive to the production of large-size OLED panel.


Launched by:

LG Display



Accurate color reduction, production efficiency



It consists of a layer of luminous material

OLED, technically called an Organic light-emitting Diode (OLED).The luminescent materials of OLED organic screen are Alq, Balq and other organic materials, while the luminescent elements of LCD TV, CCFL fluorescent tube and CRT TV luminescent materials are all made of metal and silicate, which are inorganic materials.It is named OLED organic screen because it has four colors of WRBG with organic luminescent materials.

OLED has the advantages of self-illumination, infinite contrast, ultra-wide viewing Angle, extremely fast response, ultra-thin, etc., and can be made into different radians of curved display equipment, is a display technology revolution, is considered as the next generation of planar display emerging application technology.

In its simplest form, an OLED consists of a layer of luminous material embedded between two electrodes.When the input voltage is applied, the carrier moves through the organic layer until the electrons are holed up and recombined, thus achieving the conservation of energy and releasing the excess energy as a pulse of light.Now one of the electrodes is transparent and you can see the light.OLED displays are self-luminous, using a very thin coating of organic material and a glass substrate that glows when an electric current passes through.

Characteristics Of OLED:

1. Large visual Angle

The visual Angle of OLED organic screen can reach 160°(the visual Angle when the contrast decays half), that is, in the 160° horizontal range, the human eye watching TV picture never distortion.

2. High color saturation

The OLED organic screen can display a wide color gamut of up to 115%, making the color display more colorful and showing true natural colors.

3. Infinite contrast

In theory, OLED organic screen can achieve infinite contrast, can present the purest black, in the performance of dark scenes can be clear and lossless restore.

4. Quick response

The response time of OLED organic screen is only 0.001ms, which is 5,000 times faster than that of LCD TV with 5ms. Its response speed is completely beyond the range that can be recognized by human eyes, which can be ignored. The dynamic picture displayed has no "dragging tail", and the images have no overlap.

5, thin thickness and light weight

The OLED organic screen is less than or equal to 5mm thick and weighs less than 20KG.

6, the best surface design

When OLED organic screen is made into curved TV, there is no light leakage, color confusion, Angle of view deviation and other problems affecting picture quality, can present lossless surface picture quality, which is curved LCD TV can not match.