- Aug 05, 2019-

1. It is essential to drive the LCD within the specified voltage limits, since a higher driving voltage than allowed causes a shorter LCD lifetime. Under these circumstances, electrochemical reactions will result in undesirable deterioration of the LCD. 2. The response time of the LC fluid is considerably longer at low temperature than in the normal operating temperature range. On the other hand, the LCD will show a dark blue color at high temperatures. Those phenomena do not indicate a malfunction or defect of the LCD. Back at normal temperatures, the LCD will return to its original behavior. 3. If the display area is pressed hard during operation, some abnormal display patterns might appear. However, the display will resume normal operation after turning the module off and on. 4. Moisture on the terminals could cause an electrochemical reaction resulting in an open terminal connection. If the environmental temperature is higher than 50℃, it is required that the relative humidity is 50% or less.