Problems to be noted during the cleaning of the liquid crystal display module

- Oct 14, 2019-

There are a lot of things to be noticed while cleaning the liquid crystal display screen.

1. Clean the LCD screen with alcohol and other chemical solvents. The liquid crystal screen now has a special coating on the screen, and once the display screen is wiped with alcohol, this special coating will be dissolved to adversely affect the display effect.

2. Wipe the LCD screen with a dust-free cloth or a high-level cotton swab. Never wipe the liquid crystal screen with a general soft cloth, such as a glass cloth or a paper towel, and for a soft liquid crystal screen, their surface is still too rough, and it is easy to scratch the liquid crystal screen.

3. Clean the LCD screen with clean water. When the clean water is used, the liquid is easily dropped into the liquid crystal screen, which causes the equipment circuit to be short-circuited, thereby burning out the expensive electronic equipment.

4. Never wipe the surface of the screen with any alkaline solution or chemical solution when cleaning the lcd screen. The stains of the liquid crystal panel are roughly divided into two types, one is because of the dust in the air that the daily accumulated moon is tired, and one is the fingerprint and the oil stain that the user can inadvertently leave. When the liquid crystal screen is cleaned, it is easy to cause damage to the liquid crystal.