Production Process for LCD Module

- Mar 17, 2020-



Surface mount technology


That is, surface mounting technology, which is a more traditional mounting method. Its advantages are high reliability, but its disadvantages are large size and high cost, which limits the miniaturization of LCM.




Chip On Board


That is, the chip is bonded on the PCB.


The production of chips is reducing the output of QFP (a type of SMT) package. Therefore, the traditional SMT method will be gradually replaced in future products.




Tape Aotomated Bonding


Anisotropic conductive adhesive connection. Encapsulation is TCP (Tape Carrier


Package IC) is fixed on the LCD and PCB with anisotropic conductive adhesive. This installation method can reduce the weight, volume, convenient installation and better reliability of the LCM!



Chip On Glass


The chip is directly bonded to the glass. This installation method can greatly reduce the size of the entire LCD module, and is easy to mass-produce. It is suitable for LCDs for consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, PDAs and other portable electronic products. This installation method, driven by IC manufacturers, will be the main connection method between IC and LCD in the future.



Chip On Film


The chip is mounted directly on the flexible PCB. This connection method has a high degree of integration, and peripheral components can be mounted on the flexible PCB together with the IC. This is an emerging technology that has entered the trial production stage.