Raspberry Pi & LCD display

- Dec 10, 2020-

Raspberry Pi

Structure & Basic Introduction

The Raspberry Pi is actually a mini computer launched by the British Raspberry Pi Foundation. Although this mini computer is only the size of a credit card, it is "small and complete", and its petite exterior hides the power of the inner core. , Video, audio and other functions are everything, maybe you still don’t understand what the Raspberry Pi is

There is a microcomputer processor in the middle of the Raspberry Pi. There are network sockets and two USB ports around. You can use it to link the mouse, keyboard and network cable. It also has a TV output interface for video analog signals and an HDMI high-definition video output interface.

Although the Raspberry Pi is only the size of a credit card and runs slightly slower than a desktop computer, it has basically all the basic functions of an ordinary computer. Once the mouse, keyboard and network cable are connected, the Raspberry Pi can quickly help us Open the web page of the desired website.

Function & advantages introduction

However, if the Raspberry Pi can only be used as a low-performance computer, there will not be a moment when it "launched and exploded". So where are the advantages of Raspberry Pi over home computers?

Its most obvious and important advantage is its small size, light weight, and much lower cost than a home computer. It is easy to carry. Someone can use it to make a wallet-sized microcomputer. It is naturally much more convenient when going out. Competent for most tasks.

In addition, the IO pins that the Raspberry Pi can provide can directly control the functions of other underlying hardware. This is something that ordinary computers cannot do: For example, connect a Raspberry Pi computer to a camera to make a monitoring program and connect it to a coffee machine. Remote control, connect an external solar panel to make an environmentally friendly small Raspberry Pi computer... In other words, the Raspberry Pi can greatly facilitate your life, but you must be able to use it.

Raspberry Pi can also be used as a way to learn computer knowledge. You can use it to learn C language or python, write a small program and run it on the Raspberry Pi, or build a home server yourself. If you can see the following dialog interest in Raspberry Pi programming this "fall in love with Raspberry Pi" (Author: Matt Richardson, Shawn Wallace, ASIN: B00EPF790U, published by Science Press), I believe you will benefit of.

Although the Raspberry Pi does not have powerful performance and computing power, its small size and portability have been loved by electronics enthusiasts all over the world. If you are interested, dare to innovate and get in touch with new things, then you come to the Raspberry Pi It must not be the wrong choice, and it can deepen our understanding of these electronic products, why not give it a try?