Resolution & display size

- Jan 01, 2019-

LCD display is widely used in industrial control, especially some machine man-machine, complex control equipment panel, medical device display and so on. I often use the LCD LCD display resolution in industrial control and instrumentation is: 320x240,640x480,800x600,1024x768 and above the resolution of the screen, commonly used in the size of 3.9 ", 4.0", 5.0 ", 5.5", 5.6 ", 5.7 ", 6.0", 6.5 ", 7.3", 7.5 ", 10.0", 10.4 ", 12.3" 15 "17" 20 "and even now 50" Yis and so on.

Color has black and white, pseudo-color, 512 color, 16-bit color, 24-bit color and so on. Some users tend to confuse resolution with point spacing, in fact, these are two distinct concepts. Resolution is usually expressed as the product of horizontal pixel points and vertical pixels, and the more pixels there are, the higher the resolution.

Therefore, the resolution is usually measured in pixels, such as the resolution of 640x480, which has a number of pixels of 307200.

Note: 640 is a horizontal pixel number and 480 is a vertical pixel number. Because high resolution can effectively shrink the screen image in a graphical environment, the resolution cannot cross its maximum reasonable limit without changing the screen size, otherwise, it loses its meaning.