Segment code LCD display screen

- Mar 04, 2020-

In the 1980s, the process was introduced from Japan to China and was widely used in various industries. In the 1980s, it was the first to launch STN production lines in mainland China, which further greatly improved the viewing angle of segmented LCD screens, making segmented LCD screens maintain a 40-year development momentum in China.


The segment LCD display screen originated from the beginning of the early application of LCD display screens. It mainly replaced LED digital tubes (composed of 7 pen segments for displaying the numbers 0-9), such as calculators and clocks. For numbers, it is also simpler.


Segment code LCD display screen, or pen segment LCD display screen, is what LCD users call a certain type of LCD display screen, but in the LCD industry, small LCD display screen opening mode, small size LCD display screen opening mode is generally called pattern type The LCD display screen is different from the dot matrix LCD display screen, so segment code LCD is not a strict expression or classification.


TN-digit-custom-lcd-7-segment-lcd_220x220 (1).jpg

Product main technical parameters


1) Overall dimensions: below 285 × 345mm;


2) thickness of conductive glass: 0.4, 0.55, 0.7, 1.1mm;


3) Pixel minimum gap: 10um;


4) Duty cycle: less than 1 / 240duty;


5) Connection: conductive tape, zebra paper, metal pins, TAB, COG, etc.


2. Product type


1) Display mode: positive and negative;


2) Optical mode: reflective, transmissive, transflective, holographic, etc .;


3) LCD type: TN type, HTN type, STN type, FSTN type, VATN type;


4) Color mode: yellow-green, gray, black, white, blue and other modes.


3. Product application areas


1) communication tools;


2) household appliances;


3) Instrumentation;


4) transportation;


5) Culture, education, sports and entertainment;


6) medical care;


7) Light valve products;


8) other products;