- Jun 27, 2019-

STN (Super-Twisted Nematic) LCD has quite a long development history, it   requires less power and is less expensive to manufacture than TFT LCD. With   the addition of a retardation film on top to the STN LCD (known as FSTN) that   compensates for the color added by the birefringence effect, will allow FSTN   display with better black and white color and provides for a higher contrast   and wider viewing angle. With the RGB color strips properly made inside the   FSTN display, through external white backlighting, to generate the full   colors effect, it becomes a color STN (CSTN) display.


Because of its maturity and its low fabrication cost, STN LCD   technologies is still popular used for the display market of most portable   applications such as industrial and medical instrumentation and many other   products that require small-medium size display.

imageFlat-panel display technology has been developing   extremely rapidly, the main advantages of STN over other display technologies   is the relatively easy and economic that the display content can be   customized to satisfy the specific requirements of an application. EDT is   keeping the R&D resource to support our customer’s need for their future   STN LCD designs.