Structure of led backlight source

- Oct 10, 2019-

The led (light-emitting diode) backlight structure is mainly divided into two types of ceramic led (light-emitting diode) ceramic light-emitting diode (led) ceramic light-emitting diode (led) ceramic light-emitting diode The single-set series of power supplies, while using a lower constant current, must be able to drive the led if it is necessary to raise the input power to the total forward voltage level that is in line with the serial supply. In contrast, multiple sets of serial/ parallel led power supplies, although driven by higher constant flow, 


Reduce the demand for high voltage. The difference in the boost converter requirements is dependent on the cost, complexity, and energy conversion efficiency (equivalent to the battery life between the charge cycles for the user). The best solution is ultimately determined based on the product characteristics, size, and performance requirements of the device itself. 

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