Talking about the five categories of LCD screen what is it?

- Dec 24, 2018-

1. STN LCD screen

STN is "Super Teisted Nematic" abbreviation, it is attributed to passive forced matrix LCD, simply all black and white screen phone LCD screen is this information. Colorful STN LCD screen is in the monochrome STN LCD screen on the basis of the addition of a colorful filter, and monochrome display matrix of each pixel dividend three sub-pixels, respectively, through the colorful filter appear red, green, blue three colors, and then complete the colorful screen. Because of the skill constraints, now STN LCD screen up to only 65536 colors, most of the market see is 4096 color STN products, so STN is also known as "pseudo-color."


GF is the abbreviation of "Glass fine Color", perhaps we are unfamiliar with GF LCD screen, because now the market selection of GF LCD digital products is very few, in fact, GF attributed to STN, GF's first feature is: in ensuring that the power consumption is small under the premise of improved brightness, but GF liquid crystal The screen is a bit partial color.


TFT is the abbreviation of "Thin Film Transistor", also known as "True Color", it is attributed to the active matrix LCD screen, it is composed of thin film transistors, each of its liquid crystal pixels are driven by thin film transistors, each pixel behind the four separate thin film transistor drive Motion pixels emit colorful light, can show the 24bit color depth of the real colorful. At resolution, the TFT LCD screen can reach UXGA (1600x1200) up to the maximum.

4. TFD LCD screen

TFD is "Thin Film Diode" abbreviation, because the TFT LCD screen power consumption is higher, and the cost is higher, and then greatly increase the cost of the product, so EPSON specifically for the mobile phone screen developed TFD skills, it is also attributed to the active matrix LCD screen, LCD on each pixel are equipped with a separate diode that can be manipulated individually for each pixel so that each pixel does not interact with each other, so that the resolution can be significantly improved and the dynamic picture and showy colors can be displayed without dragging the tail. In terms of performance, TFD LCD screen co-ordinate the advantages of TFT LCD screen and STN LCD screen, TFD LCD screen than STN LCD screen brightness is higher, and the color is more gorgeous, at the same time than TFT LCD screen more power saving, but in color and brightness is still a bit worse than TFT liquid crystal.


OLED is "Organic light Emitting Display" abbreviation, also known as organic luminescent display screen, it chose organic luminescent skills, which is now the latest display skills, OLED display skills and traditional liquid crystal appearance, it does not need backlight, but choose With very thin organic data coating and glass substrate, when the current passes, these organic data will glow, so its angle of view is very large, from all directions can be seen clearly on the screen content, and can be done very thin, and OLED display screen can significantly save electricity, known as the "Dream display device."